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Welcome to Rockies Obscure!

Today is Thursday March 5, 2020 


Here is Part 2 of Edmontonian climber Pete Charkiw’s long ago adventures with tales of Yosemite, Old Fort Creek and Slipstream. Come share Pete’s recollections of these climbing excursions in Campfire Stories, and the days of old school gear!…40plus trips into Old Fort Creek must be a record!

Also a daytrip photo essay (in Alpine South) on hiking the imposing remote peak named Beehive Mountain found above the equally remote Soda Creek road in far south Kananaskis Country. A piece about the Elevator Bluff and other randomly spread boulders near this road, can be found under Bouldering South and in Topos is where the hand-drawn map for Soda Creek Boulders is.

An ongoing redesign is underway to the site and some postings that have vanished will be back in the future at some point. A new menu called Movie Locations which will have fun info down the road to display Rockies filming spots; the few aid routes have been moved to the Rock section and soon all the postings will only be North and South categories – with the Trans-Canada Highway representing the line of demarcation.


The Overlooked, Forgotten and Ignored- the cornerstone of the zine “Kananaskis Obscure”

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