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Welcome to Rockies Obscure!

Today is Thursday January 19, 2017 ….Happy New Year to all those who enjoy the obscure!

NEW postings are:

Brendan Clark has again found a incredibly bizarre find in the Bow Valley – The Bluemat Cabin found in Random Obscurities; Glenn Reisenhofer’s and Jeff Everett’s Grecian Formula and various other ice routes in Alpine ‘n Ice including the unknown Good Loving Gone Bad on the north face of Mt.Lefroy you can now exclusively see here from the late 1990s; a couple Sibbald FROLF courses in Random Obscurities and new art in the Book Library; a few new photos in Unclimbed Ice in Alpine North; that Keelhaul Variation from the 1990s is finally posted in Rock North; The Outer Sanctuary Boulders along the Yoho Road in Bouldering West. 
Coming next update will be more ice routes you seldom hear about…. number of still unclimbed ice routes, the Highwood House ice route near A Wizard Prang known as Mudslide, new bouldering area near Lake Louise and trad routes from the Louise area and Kananaskis and the main boulders within Calgary for those new to the city and not sure what is located on the mean streets!
Last update was in August 2016



Submit to us your jem route, there are many diamonds in the rough, let everyone in on the secret!

The Overlooked, Forgotten and Ignored- the cornerstone of the zine “Kananaskis Obscure”