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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today is Thursday January 11, 2018 

 NEW postings are:

The main focus for the first update of 2018 is the bouldering and rock climbing cliffs of the Sibbald and Powderface areas. In Rock South you will find many cliffs to climb or explore unclimbed routes –  here is the list of crags for roped climbs: Curio Crag, 5 Mile Rappel, The 5 Minute Crag, At One With Nature, The Stump, Old Growth, Eohippus, The Summer Evening Crag, and down the Powderface Trail are Haunted Hill, The Sands, Cut Block, and North Bridge Cliff. In Bouldering South you can find Cougar Rock and The Sand Bucket. And yet again thanks to Glenn Reisenhofer for supplying the beta to Crater Rock in Calgary and a historical snipet from a local who bouldered there in the 1970s found in Bouldering East.
The hope for the next update is to post Part 2 to the Sibbald area with info to old and new routes at 70 Buck Ridge and routes at Anasazi House and maybe more from Old Growth. In future 2018 updates there may be bouldering and gear routes near Lake Louise, some new bouldering around Jasper, and a thing or two near Barrier.
Last update was in August 2017.


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