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Today is January 19, 2020 


One of the 1970s gang of local climbers, Edmontonian Pete Charkiw has given us a glimpse into his past and current life as a rock guide, obscure route hunter, amateur astronomer, early developer of Back of The Lake we so love, traveller, icecap skier, ice soloist, cat lover, golf enthusiast, big wall climber, card reader, and off-the-grid believer.

Pete is here in Campfire Stories to share with us how he got into the climbing life from his start in 1969 with a Edmonton buildering guidebook, to going climbing into the mountains around Jasper, Yamnuska, Robson and finally to reflect on the route that stands out the most for him – the north face of Roche Miette and the route he and his partner Pat Paul tackled in 1980. Pete also recently discovered something new about their route Death From Above, and that for 30+ years its been incorrectly drawn on stone.

 The next update will feature Part 2 of Pete’s “I am Not Dead Yet” adventures like his 1975 El Capitan ascent, a big scare on Slipstream, slogging up Mount Logan, and an attempt across the North Pole followed by the completion of a ski jaunt across the northern cap of Baffin Island.

Also in the spirit of change for 2020, a slight re-design and new focus are taking place here over time…


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