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Today is Tuesday May 1, 2018 

 NEW postings are:

This update is mostly about correcting names like the Foulton Boulder at Abraham Lake, removing an Unclimbed ice route that was actually climbed, positioning the exact location of the ice line on the north face of Mt.Lefroy, tweaking wonky sentences, deleting bad links, spelling errors and other oddities. Thank you for telling me the corrections.
However, we have a few new postings: a new Piolet de Obscure Badge; in Bouldering North the Wabasso Road Boulders near Jasper, and a hike to some gnarly trees down the Sheep Road-Gorge Creek Trail in Random Obscurities
 Furthermore, we will have a interview in the future with out-of-print Barrier Bluffs guidebook author Kelly Tobey letting us in on the creation of that sunny crag that came into being in the early 1980s. Old and new routes on 70 Buck Ridge is also in the works.
Last update was in January 2018 with Sibbald-Powderface bouldering and rope climbing routes.


PioletLogoSubmit to us your jem route, there are many diamonds in the rough, let everyone in on the secret!

The Overlooked, Forgotten and Ignored- the cornerstone of the zine “Kananaskis Obscure”

….rockiesobscure being its’ artsy-fartsy continuation