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UPDATED today –  November 27, 2018 


Fashionably Late was started in 2010 but finally climbed in 2017 and can be found in Rock East as its in Kananaskis across from Barrier Bluffs; also the Helen Lake boulders were explored minimally last October (thanks to two weekends of snow) across the highway north of the Crowfoot Glacier area and the info found in Bouldering North; a Piolet de Obscure badge was given to a bygone era for this mountain cafe found in Random Obscurities; and if you happen to be bouldering alone and can’t think of how to downclimb when your pad is on the other side of the boulder, then check out Un-Patented Ideas; also a few newly found photos were added to the Mt.Kerkeslin file up north by Jasper. Mountain Book Sale in Random Obscurities has all your Xmas needs.

And very sorry to hear that Rolf’s place in Invermere had caught fire and burned down last week. Proud to own a 6′ high piece of Rolf’s art. One of the best attractions in the valley.


If you would like a free hardcopy of Kelly Tobey’s original Barrier Bluff guidebooks from the 1980s, drop me a line.

Rockies Obscure is updated about every 3 months or so with new information. Thanks and have a good winter!




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