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Welcome to Rockies Obscure!

Today is Thursday May 30, 2019 


It has been a half year since the last update and I apologize but the more boring aspects of life seem to keep getting in the way

This update is solely dedicated to local author/climber Kelly Tobey who penned the out-of-print classic guidebook to Barrier Bluffs – a book that is still used more than 30 years later by those who want more than the sport lines at Yellow Wall, but long for the more obscure trad lines at the bluff. This exclusive interview will fill in all the limestone holes to questions you may have ever had regarding this pocket-sized piece of history. This is a project started 5 years ago when Kelly moved away from the Rockies and handed me his last 25 personal copies of the book which I promised I would give away for free to those stoked about learning more about the cliff.

The full interview and photos can be found in the newly created drop-down bar on the homepage here slugged “CAMPFIRE STORIES” which has taken the place of the Links page. If you have a fun, interesting outdoor story you would like to share please contact me.

The next update ‘expected’ around the end of summer, will also be a Campfire Story from old school climber Peter Charkiw who put up the first line on the north face of Roche Miette in Jasper in 1980. The route is called Death From Above. With a trip in the works to interview Peter himself, hopefully he lets us peer into the days of yore, and into the obscure past of the northern Rockies!



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